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Directed by Florin Serban

  • Romania, Germany, France 2015; 93 min
  • Original version: Romanian, Hungarian
  • Genre: Drama
    • FIPRESCI Award - Karlovy Vary IFF


Rafael and Cristina are two people that were never supposed to meet. He is 19, Gypsy, works in a car-wash and wants to make it big as a boxer; he lives with his grandfather, and he is about to have a breakthorugh as an athlete. She is 34, Hungarian, actress in the local theater, married, and goes through a professional and personal crisis; her husband is the star of the theater ensemble and it seems that she has been living in his shadow for a while. Without knowing each other, Rafael follows Cristina every day, on the cobblestone streets of an old provincial town. She knows it and enjoys the attention. One time, she turns back and they face each other. The following day, he looks her in the eyes and asks: “If you hadn’t been married, would you have married me?” From that moment on, there is no way back for neither of them. Two different destinies, two different worlds facing different dilemmas. Despite their ages, Rafael and Cristina share the same desperate need to prove themselves. In their own way, with blood and tears on one side, deep silences and discreet smiles on the other, Rafael and Cristina will learn to deal with adulthood and compromise.

Director's Statement

The beginnings had always been fascinating to me. The propedeutics, the silent looks, the greetings, and the mating rituals. Here, I wanted to bring together two people from very different social backgrounds, different educa - tion and different age. I put these people face to face and then I stepped aside and just try to follow the discreet, intimate rhythm of their interactions. Working on this film was, from the very beginning, like a dance rather than anything else. It was like a tango where there are intense moments, moments of breathing, waiting, watching, and then clashing again. As in life, the big - gest challenge in this movie was not to impose, but to carefully observe the reality, to smoothly follow it, and to grasp it before it would vanish. BOX is the result of this dance.




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