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Breathless (Ddongpari)

Directed by Yang Ik-june

  • South Korea 2008; 130 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama
    • Netpac Award - Karlovy Vary IFF
    • Tiger Award - Rotterdam IFF
    • Silver Screen Award - Singapore IFF

  • IFF Rotterdam
    Karlovy Vary FF

  • From the director of GABSOONI & SOO-AH presented at Asian Project Market


Song-hoon is a hired thug working for underworld kingpin Man-shik, whose money buys only so much of Song-hoon's loyalty. Song-hoon has a violent streak and he's not afraid to strike out against those who would turn against him or his boss, making him an enforcer to be reckoned with in the South Korean underworld. But Song-Hoon's life begins to change when he meets Yeong-jae, Man-Shik's newest underling. Yeong-jae has a teenage sister, Han Yeon-heui who is as good-hearted as her brother is corrupt. Soon-hong and Yeon-heui get to know one another, and his affection for her brings out a compassionate side in his nature that he's never been willing to acknowledge before. As Soon-hong falls deeper in love with Yeon-heui, he begins considering leaving his old life behind, which is more difficult than he ever imagined.



    Kim Joori