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Buffalo Juggalos

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Buffalo Juggalos

Directed by Scott Cummings

  • USA 2014; 29 min
  • Original version: No dialogue
  • Genre: Experimental, Documentary

  • From the director of REALM OF SATAN presented at Pitching du Réel


The Insane Clown Posse is one of the most radical and underground hip-hop crews operating in the US. Their fans have adopted a tribe ethos that has become a subculture. The film is composed of surreal and disturbing scenes shot in long and almost static takes in which the Juggalos perform random acts of ritual violence, mayhem, sex, backyard wrestling and destruction. Through these vignettes a tentative narrative structure emerges. “I’m from Buffalo,” says director Scott Cummings. “I’ve always wanted to shoot there. Buffalo is kind of Detroit’s little sister, and, for me, Juggalos are kind of the result of the collapse of industry in the Rust Belt”. Acknowledging influences, from Béla Tarr to John Waters and Troma movies, Diane Arbus and Werner Herzog, Tod Browning and Harmony Korine, Buffalo Juggalos is an exploration of a post-industrial landscape soaked in popular culture that has been reshaped and made alien and threatening again. “I find beauty in everything they do”, declares Cummings. “Erase irony. Evade narrative. Give as much as you get. Seek sincerity”. 

Giona A. Nazzaro



    Scott Cummings