By the Name of Tania

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By the Name of Tania

Directed by Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jiménez

  • Belgium, Netherlands 2019; 84 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Best Film - Raindance Film Festival
    • Special Jury Prize, Bayard for Best Photography for Virginie Surdej (Official Competition) - FIFF Namur


There is a place where rich men live. They are so rich that they sprinkle the girls they particularly like with gold dust. These tales of wonder are so tempting to a young Peruvian girl that she leaves her village and sets out on the river’s currents for the country’s gold mines. However, what she finds there is neither luxury nor fairy tale princes, but violence and forced prostitution. Interweaving documental and fictional elements, this hybrid-form assembles a story which – despite the mesmerising and poetic imagery – cannot hide the horror which the protagonist experiences for long. A drastic and moving film which gives a voice and an identity to one who has lost her name.




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    Daniela Cölle