Casa Roshell

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Casa Roshell

Directed by Camila José Donoso

  • Mexico, Chile 2017; 71 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Fiction, Experimental
    • Special Mention - FICUNAM
    • Special Jury Prize (International Competition) - Valdivia IFF


Roshell (51) and Liliana (43) run together Casa Roshell. As an utopic spot, this place is a hideout for those men that live repressed in their desires of feminization and transvestism. A small room with a stage receives their guests with intimacy, among political performances and playbacks. Conversations turn existentialist when frustrations and dreams come out. On duality of the genres and their reality as biological men. On their innate desires and the constant search of identity.

Director's Statement

In 2014, I lived in Mexico for a while due to the release of my first feature film, Naomi Campbel. During the screenings of the film, which stars a transsexual woman, I met important trans activists; one of them took me to a club and introduced me to Roshell Terranova and her house of transformation, the place where this project was born, and where I met the people who star in this film. Casa Roshell is very intimate; it was filmed with a reduced crew made up of friends who accompanied me during the research process, where I collected hours of audio material from inside the club that inspired and created dialogues in the film. It is important to explain the bond that I had with Roshell, Liliana, Lia, Paula Jessy, and other girls of the house, since the work and creation are completely tied up to my relationship with them. Beyond capturing a theme (transsexuality, for example) I wanted to capture the experience of being at the club for one night, with the intimacy and the things that happen. In fact, the research process was much longer than the filming itself. It was very important for me not to fall into conventions or clichés and to explore our existence inside this trans space created by Roshell.



    Juan Pablo Bastarrachea