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Catamaran (Kattumaram)

Directed by Swarnavel Eswaran

  • India 2018; 73 min
  • Original version: Tamil
  • Genre: Drama


CATAMARAN explores the gradual transformation of a conservative maternal uncle as he begins to accept his orphaned niece’s relationship with a woman. The film’s narrative revolves around the Tsunami-affected lives of middle-aged fisherman Singaram and his orphaned niece and nephew whom he deeply cares for. As Singaram works hard to provide for his family, he also tries to arrange a groom for his niece. But she rejects the many suitors he brings. Singaram soon learns that his niece is in love with her fellow female teacher. Ostracised by his community, Singaram tries to come to terms with his niece being a lesbian. In this process, he learns to empathize with the plight of the village barber, the transgender Alankaram.



    Swarnavel Eswaran