Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema

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    Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema

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    United Kingdom


    84 min

    • English


    An insightful look at the history of Hong Kong's exploitation cinema, from the early days of the Shaw Brothers and such shockers as "Killer Snakes" through to the advent of the Category III rating in 1988 and then the June 4th massacre in Beijing. The latter led to a panic in Hong Kong, before the Handover of the former UK colony to Mainland China, and a number of motion pictures proceeded to take freedom of speech (and sometimes political symbolism) to the extreme. This is the story of one of the most curious and invigorating periods in exploitation filmmaking.



    Daniel Yee Heng Chan
    Kwok-Leung Gan
    Godfrey Ho
    Josie Ho
    Mike Hostench
    Bey Logan
    James Mudge
    Sean Tierney
    Calum Waddell
    Anthony Chau-Sang Wong
    Naomi Holwill
    Naomi Holwill
    Calum Waddell

    Calum Waddell

    United Kingdom

    Calum Waddell is a documentary filmmaker, academic and author, whose works include SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER, 42ND STREET MEMORIES and EATEN ALIVE! THE TISE AND FALL OF THE ITALIAN CANNIBAL FILM. His most recent book work is The Style of Sleaze: The American Exploitation Film, which was released by Edinburgh University Press in June, 2018. He currently curates a number of film lines for the UK Blu Ray label 88 Films and writes for magazines that include SFX and Total Film. He is currently working on a documentary titled SEARCHING FOR CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST