Cause of Death

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Cause of Death

Directed by Rami Katz

  • Israel 2018; 79 min
  • Original version: Hebrew
  • Genre: Documentary


On March 5, 2002, an armed terrorist opened fire on patrons at a restaurant in Tel Aviv. Police officer Salim Barakat, a member of the Druze community, was one of the first to arrive on the scene. He died a hero that night, murdered by a terrorist. Each year his family and coworkers commemorate his life. But Salim’s brother Jamal has heard a rumor that lies were told about the circumstances of Salim death. Was it really the terrorist who killed him?

Jamal starts his own investigation into the events, and the camera follows him from the outset. As he does every year, Jamal visits the police gathering in memory of his brother, but this time he confronts them directly with his growing doubts. He also digs up old documents and talks with family members, eyewitnesses and a coroner. Archive news footage intercuts scenes showing Jamal’s desperate attempts to get to the facts—facts that expose uncomfortable truths about the position of his religious minority in Israel.



    Katz Films 

International Sales


    Hedva Goldschmidt, Hedva Goldschmidt