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Chameleon (Buqälämun)

Directed by Elvin Adigozel, Ru Hasanov

  • Azerbaijan, France, Russia 2013; 72 min
  • Original version: Azerbaijani
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of LANKARAN presented at CineLink
    From the director of YASHAR presented at Meetings on the Bridge
    From the director of THE ISLAND WITHIN presented at CineLink


Nijat, a young man devoid of any emotion, returns to Goychay, the city of his childhood, after years abroad. Despite remaining mysterious about his business, it is clear that he is in financial distress, and asks an old family friend to help sell his late father's house. Ali, a foreman of the original building of Baku expects a major boost in his career. Already appointed Assistant Regional Director of a team building a highway, he decides to settle in Goychay with his wife and infant son. Meanwhile, he lives with his boss, with whom he has formed a strong friendship. It will take three days to find a buyer for Nijat's house, and during that time, everyone involved in the affair will be challenged with various moral and ethical issues.




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