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Directed by Sara Fattahi

  • Austria, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar 2018; 95 min
  • Original version: Arabic, German
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Golden Leopard (Filmmakers of the Present) - Locarno Festival
    • ExtraVALUE Film Award - Viennale


Three Syrian women, each living in a different place, are separated by the very things that unite them: fear and trauma. One lives in Damascus and has stopped speaking to others entirely, isolating herself in her apartment and seeking solace in silence since the death of her son. The second has left Damascus as a result of the war and went to Sweden where she loses herself in her paintings, hoping to free herself from the torments of the past. The third ended up in Vienna and faces an unknown future, just like the ghost of a woman who fled Austria after the Second World War. Chaos is a discussion between a woman stuck in Damascus, another one stuck in exile, and a third who has recently left. It is a conversation between the interior and exterior, an impossible conversation.



    Paolo Calamita, Sara Fattahi