Children of Genghis

Not available for screening anymore

Children of Genghis

Directed by Zolbayar Dorj

  • Mongolia 2017; 101 min
  • Original version: Mongolian, English
  • Genre: Drama


In Mongolia, where people often learn to ride before they can walk, horse racing is an important tradition passed down from generation to generation. Brothers Dorj (12 years old) and Byambaa (8) hope that their father will overcome his reluctance to teach them his renowned skill. However, when Bold, another successful racehorse trainer from the village, brags about his newest horse, the townspeople suggest that he recruit and train Dorj to be its rider for the upcoming cultural games. Upon hearing this, Byambaa decides to take matters into his own hands and teach himself to ride. In order to remain as light as possible, the children often ride without a saddle or shoes. As the town prepares for the games, an American woman arrives to distribute protective gear, a major break with Mongolian tradition. Filmed on location with actual brothers, Children of Genghis retains a documentary quality that is reflected in the honesty of the performances. This moving film of bravery and family provides an intimate look at Mongolian heritage and culture of the Naadam Festival, something rarely seen on the screen.



    Angarag Davaasuren