CHoosing at Twenty

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    CHoosing at Twenty

    CHoisir à vingt ans

    Directed by

    Switzerland, Algeria


    100 min

    • French


    Between 1954 and 1962, about a 100 - maybe even as many as 300 - young Frenchmen refused to participate in putting down the Algerian War of Independence. These “draft dodgers” believed in non-violence or were against colonialism. Some of them fled to Switzerland where they received help from Swiss citizens, whereas in France they were condemned as traitors. In 1962, a few months after Independence, Villi Hermann, went to a devastated area near the Algerian - Moroccan border, to help reopen a school. Villi Hermann, as a filmmaker, he has recently been back to Algeria where he met a few of his former pupils. He has also made contact with some French ex draft dodgers, who live back in France or in Switzerland.


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    Nils Andersson
    Jacques Baynac
    Anita et André Bernard Freddy Buache
    Claude Garino
    André Gazut Jean-Claude Girardin
    Claude Glayman
    Lillis Kielland Paul Kobisch
    Pierre Leray
    Diego Masson Simone et Jean Mohr
    Michel Monod
    Louis Orhant Jacques Pous
    Pierre Rieben
    Jean Rouget
    Fritz Weber Mohamed Berka
    Ahmed Berka
    Halima Boukhelf
    Aïcha Semar
    Aïcha Belguendouze
    Abdellad Berka
    Abdeghanil Ghounane
    Ali Fritis
    Ali Aimouche
    Mohamed Semar
    Eve Martin
    Villi Hermann
    Villi Hermann
    Jean Reusser
    Zeno Gabaglio
    Villi Hermann

    Villi Hermann


    Born in Lucerne in 1941, Villi Hermann is a Swiss author, producer and director. In 1977 he won the Pardo d’argento at Locarno for SAN GOTTARDO, while his film BANKOMATT (1989) was selected for Berlin. Other notable directorial credits include MATLOSA (1983), INNOCENZA (1986), screened at Locarno, and TAMARO (1999). Villi Hermann also received the Premio Cinema Ticino at the Festival del film Locarno in 2011.