Close, Open

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    Close, Open

    Dong vao mo ra

    Directed by



    22 min

    • Vietnamese

    Drama, Short

    CLOSE, OPEN is a story about a young man working as an elevator attendant in an apartment block. Stuck between the stifling elevator walls and unpleasant odours, his life and work seemed doomed to be repeated day by day. Then, one day, a strange girl comes out...


    • Short Film of the Future Award - Autumn Meeting Forum, Vietnam
    • Best Short Film - REC International Film Festival, Germany


    Vu Hung Huy
    Nguyen Dieu Hien
    Do Quoc Trung
    Trang Cong Minh
    Lee Tae-Won
    Vu Trong Hoa
    Đỗ Quốc Trung

    Đỗ Quốc Trung


    Đỗ Quốc Trung was born in 1990 in Hanoi, Vietnam. He graduated in directing from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema and, in the summer of 2011, received a scholarship from the Institute of Media and Arts DIMA, Korea. In December 2012, he joined FLY held by the Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Commission network in Davao, Phillippines for young filmmakers in Asia. In January 2013 he participated in the RE:J Workshop help by Screen Sapporo Authority in collaboration with the Busan Film Commission in Sapporo, Japan. Since graduating, besides focusing on writing the script for his first feature film, Trung also teaches for a number of Media and Arts centres. Trung hopes that all young filmmakers in Vietnam can help each other create a community and present their individual voices through their work at international film festivals in the near future. Trung's shorts include DANCING SUNSHINE, MOTHER NEVER CRIES, THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN and CLOSE, OPEN.