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Clouds (Bulutlar)

Directed by Osman Nuri İyem

  • Turkey 2019; 40 min
  • Original version: Turkish
  • Genre: Documentary


CLOUDS is a tragi-comical docudrama that takes place in a small Aegean village in Turkey. It depicts the true story of a family of an uncle, an auntie and their niece, from a neutral and humanistic standpoint. The film is the output of an observation of 4 years of their lives, exploring the relationships between the characters and events, trying to understand the variables that contribute and sabotage the development of community empowerment and local economic sustainability, through the expression of the emotional and daily narratives they develop in order to survive and preserve.

Director's Statement

In the images I create, I am interested in representations of reality and how they are formed for aesthetical and political reasons. I try to observe, as well as convey the reciprocal relationships between life and art. How realities are formed and the role that art plays in it is a major theme to my work. In this sense, the stillness in my photography and the fluidity in my films depicts the role of art within motion and time. I try to do so by focusing on the types of relationships we take on, and adapt to, that guides through our journey of survival. In CLOUDS, I tried to do this by examining the life of a family very closely for four years; to observe and lay out the events and the contradictions that surround them.


  • H.E.R. MEDIA

    Haluk Ozel