Cloudy Times

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    Cloudy Times

    El Tiempo Nublado

    Directed by

    Paraguay, Switzerland


    89 min

    • Spanish
    • German


    Paraguayan submission for the Academy Awards

    Arami Ullón must return to Paraguay to make an important decision: what will happen to her sick mother, Mirna? The heartfelt gaze of the camera reveals a relationship filled with love, but also unspoken and unresolved issues. A sensitive film which examines the inner turmoil of the daughter during the final stages of her mother’s degenerative illness.


    • Best First Feature (Regard Neuf Section), Special Mention (Cinéma Suisse Section) - Visions du Réel IFF



    Mirna Villalba
    Arami Ullón
    Luis Ullón
    Julia González
    Patrick Oser
    Osvaldo Ortíz Faiman
    Arami Ullón
    Ramòn Giger
    Mirjam Krakenberger
    Marcel Vaid

    Director's Statement

    This documentary will expose to society and through my character (me in real life) I will attempt to challenge the viewer to question or even rethink the relationship between adult children and elderly parents. The time coincides between the need to place my mother in a nursing home and the historical and social time Paraguay is currently living. This setting makes the ideal time for this documentary to be done, the reality of hundreds of Paraguayans told through a personal story.

    Arami  Ullón

    Arami Ullón


    Arami Ullón was born in Asunción, Paraguay, in 1978, during the long and harsh dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner. As a director she has done two independent short films: AUSENCIA DE UN NOMBRE PROPIO (Paraguay, 1998), and BECKON (Paraguay, 2000). She also directed theatre A BIZARRE MATTER OF LOVE (Paraguay, 2000). As an author, Arami published ABOUT ABUSE AND OTHER RELATIVES, a book containing short stories which main theme is gender abuse. She was awarded a scholarship to the Boston Film and Video Foundation, where she studied hands-on filmmaking (US, 2000/2001) Her experience in production includes: music videos, TV programs and commercials for Latin American and European production companies. She was part of the production team for international feature films such as El toque del Oboe (Paraguay – Brazil, 1997), Miami Vice (US, 2006). Ullón is the producer of 18 CIGARRILLOS Y MEDIO (Paraguay – Mexico – Spain, 2011). After producing for Palma Pictures (Spain) she just finished her first cinema documentary, EL TIEMPO NUBLADO (Switzerland – Paraguay).