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    • Italian


    A loving couple spends a century together, while trends, objects and films slowly drift into horror. They will be obsessed with octagonal knobs of coffee pots and anonymous design all of their life. They will age and slowly lose their strength, but they will never lose clarity of thought excluding the outer world, darkening and shuttering their house and withdrawing into themselves, leafing through old encyclopedias about extinct animals.



    Annunciata Decò
    Giovanni Colombi
    Dario Bacis
    Assila Cherfi
    Luca Ferri
     Pietro De Tilla
    Giulia Vallicelli
    Andrea Zanoli
     Stefano P. Testa

    Director's Statement

    COLOMBI is a reflection on the last century and two people's precise unwillingness to accept the changes imposed by society. The film tells us about a pure feeling like love and leads us into an intimate universe made of small gestures and radical choices, in which isolation is the only way to survive.

    LAB 80 FILM
    Luca Ferri

    Luca Ferri


    Luca Ferri (Bergamo, 1976) deals with images and words. Self-taught, he has been dedicating himself since 2011 to writing, photography and directing films presented at national and international festivals. His first fiction film ABACUC, released theatrically in 2015, was presented at the Torino Film Festival and at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival. In 2016 he was in competition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival in the Orizzonti section with his short COLOMBI.In 2018, his film DULCINEA was selected as part of the Signs of Life programme at Locarno. His latest work is the documentary THE HOUSE OF LOVE (2020) which will be presented at Berlinale Forum.

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