Common Places

Not available for screening anymore

Common Places (Luoghi Comuni)

Directed by Mário Gomes, Marco Ugolini

  • Germany, Italy 2014; 98 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


Paolo Virno is one of today’s most influential philosophers, one of the most respected exponents of post-Fordism. Along with Toni Negri and Franco Bifo Berardi, he is one of those Italian intellectuals who are known abroad under the name Italian Theory, or post-workerist thinkers. Today, he teaches philosophy at the Università di Roma 3, but during the late 1970s he was arrested and imprisoned for about four years, after an antiterrorism raid targeted the extra-parliamentary group Potere Operaio, which Virno belonged to.

Director's Statement

During our encounters, Paolo insisted on underscoring a separation between philosophy (bios theoretikos) and biographical past (bios politikos), reaffirming that there is no direct relation between the two. Too bad this didn’t coincide with our idea of a movie about Virno, so while we were asking him questions about Potop and his years in prison, he would have preferred to be sitting behind the professor’s desk, ‘like Deleuze did.’ Thus, what emerges in the movie are a series of fractures, and a ‘happily contradictory’ account of our encounters with this philosopher.



    Marco Ugolini, Mário Gomes