Confetti Harvest

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    Confetti Harvest

    Dorsvloer vol Confetti

    Directed by

    Netherlands, Belgium


    94 min

    • German
    • Dutch


    The cornfields are a blaze of golden yellow, the birds are singing and the meadows are full of flowers. It is glorious in the countryside, yet Katelijne dreams of being elsewhere. She is one of seven children living on a large farm in a family that abides by the rules of a Protestant sect. Her mother is a stern, dour woman. Her father is friendlier but not averse to using the back of his hand to educate his children. When their lovely grandfather dies in an accident, Katelijne is devastated. Wherever she goes she is subjected to religious indoctrination – at school, at church and at home. Music, books and fairy tales could all be the work of the devil, and women and girls chiefly belong in the kitchen. Katelijne’s most important refuge is her brother, Christiaan. She cannot wait to go to Canada with him. But her plan comes to nought when Christiaan is forced into marriage because – according to the rules of their community – he got too close to the girl in question. Director Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab’s unruffled portrait describes how Katalijne gradually breaks away from her environment until she finally celebrates her independence at her brother’s wedding.



    Hendrikje Nieuwerf
    Suzan Boogaerdt
    Steven van Watermeulen
    Yannick de Waal
    Tom van Kessel
    Marie Louise Stheins
    Genio de Groot
    Chris Westendorp
    Menno Westendorp
    Michiel Reichwein
    Fons Merkies


    Schwab... turns Katelijne’s world into something filled with golden wheat fields moving slowly in the wind and a benevolent, ethereally milky light radiating downward from the heaven.

    Boyd van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

    Tallulah  Hazekamp Schwab

    Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab


    Born in Oslo, Norway in 1973, she made her acting debut at a young age in ‘Peer Gynt’ at the National Theatre in Oslo. She studied at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam and her short films THE MAN IN THE LINEN CLOSET and DRIVING TEST screened at numerous international festivals. She subsequently studied theatre, also in Amsterdam, and made further short films. CONFETTI HARVEST is her feature film debut.