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Couture Behind the Iron Curtain

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Couture Behind the Iron Curtain

Directed by Sándor Csukás, Kata Oláh

  • Hungary 2016; 52 min
  • Original version: Hungarian
  • Genre: Documentary

  • From the director of WHAT WILL THE TITLE BE? presented at When East Meets West


There was Pest fashion in the socialist system, a strange, mysterious grandmother, Klára Rotschild, who could hold a parlor in Paris in the 60s and 70s. There is a mystery today about the reason, and the price for this privilege. He could travel to Paris twice a year, watch the current fashion shows, and memorize the French fashion at home. Klara Rotschild - though not a fashion designer or seamstress, but a tailor - was referred to as the genius of the profession.



    Kata Oláh