Craigslist Allstars

Not available for screening anymore

Craigslist Allstars

Directed by Samira Elagoz

  • Finland, Netherlands 2016; 65 min
  • Genre: Documentary



Hi! I’m a 24 year-old girl making a documentary film. I’m looking for strangers. I meet you at your place, we shake hands and the camera is on the table for both of us to use. Msg me if you want to meet :) ”

For the past years Samira Elagoz has been collecting personal experiences and intimate encounters with strangers, committing these to film that strikes a delicate balance between fiction and reality.

Through Craigslist, an internationally active internet network, Samira Elagoz arranges one-on-one meetings with a wide variety of men in three different countries and explores how the camera influences intimacy between two strangers: The documentarian and the subject. The set up is simple - she brings a camera, and films how they get to know each other. Every encounter is real and unscripted.



    Samira Elagoz