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Directed by Hervé Lasgouttes

  • France 2012; 95 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Drama
    • New films distribution Help Award - Tübingen-Stuttgart Festival of French-speaking Films
    • Europa Cinemas Award - Venice Days


CRAWL tells the emerging romance between Martin, a young man living on casual jobs and small robberies, and Gwen a dedicated swimmer who trains everyday in high-sea. Their lives changed when she gets pregnant and he is charged with murder.

Director's Statement

CRAWL is a family story and a love story at the same time, or more to the point it is two love stories, in the miracle of birth, in the reproduction of rituals and, as can be expected for a film talking of the theme of responsibility, it speaks of the act of becoming aware that you need to fill yourself with life, that trying to escape it is useless, as is trying to escape the burden that comes with it. Because in the end, that is exactly what it is about. That swaying, that constant progression of a youngster towards the moment when he will have to come to understand that he has gone too far, that he cannot continue for long to fly so close to the wind without hurting the people he loves and without losing himself. In Brittany, there are countless people like Martin: torn up, turbulent, elusive. They spend their time doing stupid things in the bistrots they imperceptibly go from being young rebels to alcoholics. What kinds of wounds brought them to this point? How come certain people find finding their own way so difficult? It is a problem that profoundly touches me, to the point that I have felt compelled to enthusiastically tell this slow opening process from the perspective of someone who is taking off, saved by love.




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