Crude Oil

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Crude Oil

Directed by Christopher Good

  • USA 2019; 15 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Drama


At its heart, CRUDE OIL is about a young woman named Jenny who is growing out of, and breaking free from, an overbearing friendship with her longtime friend Lynn and learning to recognize and assert her own talents, feelings and desires. CRUDE OIL mashes up the ways in which intense and deep-seated feelings manifest themselves in our unconscious life with the ways in which they can erupt in, and at times bulldoze, our waking life.

Director's Statement

CRUDE OIL’s about pulling away from someone you might be too close with and discovering how much of you gets left behind as a result. I wanted to combine aggressive, unconventional filmmaking with universal emotions and decidedly normal (“normal”?), non-quirky characters- the sort of people I might have grown up with in suburban Kansas, but viewed through a hyper-stylized lens. To me it’s not arbitrary, though- the filmmaking is firmly informed by the outsized emotions percolating in a relationship like Jenny’s and Lynn’s. I was able to make this film with a few of my closest friends over a year of intermittent shooting. We’re really pleased with the results and look forward to sharing it with the world.