Daddy's Girl
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    Daddy's Girl

    Directed by



    14 min

    • Norwegian


    Lo is fourteen and lives alone with her father at his farm. While he is busy working, Lo is bored and frustrated. She spends her days spying on the hot seasonal workers, exploring her sexuality. One day her father discovers something that totally changes their father-daughter relationship. Daddy’s Girl is a film about lust, shame and parenthood


    • Best Film (Swedish Shorts Competition) - Göteborg FF



    Louise Tofte Røiri
    Håkon Mathias Vassvik
    Harald Rosenstrøm
    Julia Lindström
    Amy Black Ndiaye
    Torbjørn Sundal Holen
    Julia Lindström

    Director's Statement

    My intentions with Daddy’s Girl is to explore restlessness and boredom, but most of all lust and shame. I’m curious about internet as an educator, so I combined that with my interest in family relations and frustrated teenage girls. I've always loved close ups, hard cuts and characters with a high inner pace. In my work I like to create some kind of honest ugliness and contrast between hard and soft. Daddy’s Girl is based on my personal story. I got the idea a few years ago, as I suddenly remembered a difficult situation from my teenage years. My plan was just to describe a tiny part of reality as I saw it, but during the process, I realized how provocative the subject is, and that most girls lacks honest conversations about sexuality. Daddy’s girl is a film for grown-ups about our view on teenage sexuality, and raises the question why girls are not expected to be horny. Hopefully the audience wants to change their own perspective rather than victimize (female) teenage sexuality.

    Julia Lindström

    Julia Lindström


    Born in 1983, Lindström is Swedish director working in Oslo and Stockholm. She holds a BA in film direction from The Norwegian Film School. Her graduation film MAMMA (2016) won several prices at European festivals and sold to the national broadcasters NRK and SVT. After graduating Julia directed two short films, while writing on several other projects. Her inspirational method is what she calles “Dark Poetic Power Trash”, and this comes from her fascination with subjectivity, the relation between hard and soft, and passion for honest ugliness, and bad taste. DADDY'S GIRL (2020) has been part of the process on the way towards a feature film on the same topic. At the moment Julia is shooting season two of her Norwegian drama series called Hjerteslag.