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Dance with Me to the End of Love

Not available for screening anymore

Dance with Me to the End of Love

Directed by Lik-Wai Yu

  • Hong Kong 2004; 30 min
  • Original version: Cantonese
  • Genre: Short, Sci-fi

  • Other Jeonju DIgital Project 2004 films: Mirrored Mind by Ishii Sogo and Influenza by Joon-Ho Bong

  • From the director of A MEANS TO AN END presented at Asian Project Market
    From the director of A MEAN TO AN END

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Plasticity suffers from the Big Chill. The extreme weather condition prohibits any human existence on the ground surface. Near the 50th Periphery, an underground hostel sleeps under this deserted landscape. KIRIN is the doorkeeper of the hostel. He is an orphan and nobodies know exactly where he is from. People name him KIRIN simply because he earns his life by collecting emptied beer cans. This enigmatic young man lives in his own solitude until one day he meet the beautiful nomad LANLAN.

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