Danube Hospital

Not available for screening anymore

Danube Hospital (Donauspital)

Directed by Nikolaus Geyrhalter

  • Germany 2012; 75 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Special Mention - IndieLisboa FF


DANUBE HOSPITAL, a portrait of one of Europe’s largest hospitals, shows the daily routines and work processes at a powerful and highly complex institution. By depicting a modern healthcare facility, DANUBE HOSPITAL holds a mirror to our society to show how it deals with health and illness, life and death.
Nikolaus Geyrhalter observes what goes on in a variety of zones, in conference areas, ORs, patients’ rooms, the disinfection and pathology departments, and the kitchen. As the film visits all these areas, it follows an ingenious principle of a puzzle whose pieces produce an effect only when fully assembled.
A portrait of an institution in which the relationships between processes that are invisible to patients and visitors are shown in all their precision.



    Silvia Burner 

International Sales


    Astrid Guger