Dark Fortune

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Dark Fortune (Finsteres Glück)

Directed by Stefan Haupt

  • Switzerland 2016; 114 min
  • Original version: Swiss German
  • Genre: Drama


Late at night, psychologist Eliane Hess is called to the hospital bed of 8-year-old Yves. The boy is the only family member to have survived a car crash. Eliane is both horrified and fascinated by the boy’s fate. An invisible bond develops between them, blurring the boundaries between private and working life. Based on the novel “Finsteres Glück” by Lukas Hartmann, DARK FORTUNE tells us a tender, highly unusual story about belonging and love, exploring the question of guilt and innocence and illustrating the fearless courage to face one’s destiny.

Director's Statement

On August 11, 1999, I boarded an early morning train from Zurich to Strasburg to witness the solar eclipse that would take place on that day in the Alsace and southern Germany. There, at the Quai de la Petite France, I waited for the great moment among hundreds and maybe even thousands of other people. We were lucky. The sun was shining at noon. The growing darkness, the silence of the birds and the people, the pallid light, the sudden coolness: it was a magical, uncanny moment and instinctively, I understood why solar eclipses were, and often still are, interpreted as fateful omens of disaster sent by the gods. Eleven years later, I received a small package from Lukas Hartmann. The well-known Swiss author had sent me his latest novel Finsteres Glück (Dark Fortune): his narrative opens on that very same day. I started reading the book and was instantly spellbound.




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