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Directed by Victoria Cocks

  • Australia 2018; 18 min
  • Original version: English, Numi
  • Genre: Drama


With the unique ability to produce their own water, The Numi are the Dry Land’s most valuable assets and for decades have been enslaved by people's desperate need for their water. When her father is murdered trying to save her from hunters, Numi girl Davi and her younger sister Ya-Way, are kidnapped and forced to give up their water on a daily basis. Knowing that she will eventually be sold to the highest bidder and separated from her sister forever, Davi comes up with a plan to outsmart her captors but it does not come without severe consequence on both her mind and her morality. In a dire world, where mankind’s oppression of those it outnumbers is as prevalent as ever, Davi takes you on the dark adventure of a grieving sister trying to bear the weight of protecting the last family member she has left.



    Anna Bardsley-Jones