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    Beneath its reassuring façade, Davos is each year at the heart of the Western and capitalistic world. Every chief of State and everyone who is someone in the money world meets with their peers in the Swiss village. What is really at stake in Davos ? Julia Niemann and Daniel Hoesl create a fascinating observational documentary in which judgement is never handed out and where the dialectics of conflicts matter more than easy and reassuring answers.


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    Hoesl and Niemann seem sceptical about the capacity of those who live in ivory towers to learn empathy for the less-fortunate.

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    At the heart of the capitalist world, the Swiss mountain town of Davos is a case study in equilibrium and contrast.

    Modern Times Review

    Daniel Hoesl

    Daniel Hoesl


    I am interested in radical concepts, in a narrative and aesthetic sense. Through photography and especially through the filmphilosophy by Gilles Deleuze I gathered interest in cinema.

    Daniel Hoesl (1982, Austria) received his Master’s in Multimedia Arts in 2006. He has worked as assistant director to Ulrich Seidl on the Paradise Trilogy (2012-2013) and In the Basement (2014), and with many other directors. He has made numerous short films, which he always produced himself. His first feature, Soldate Jeannette (2013), was produced by his collective The European Film Conspiracy and premiered at Sundance and International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won a Hivos Tiger Award. His narrative feature WINWIN premiered in 2016. DAVOS (2020) was selected at Visions du Réel 2020.

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    Julia Niemann

    Julia Niemann


    Julia Niemann, born in 1987, lives and works in Vienna there with text and film. She is the producer of the Film collective European Film Conspiracy and author various film and television projects, currently part of the Writer’s Room for a series project by Accomplice film Berlin, directed by Christian Schwochow. As a freelance journalist, she writes about politics and culture. Her texts have appeared in the ZEIT and the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Her latest film DAVOS (2020) was selected at Visions du Réel 2020.