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    Colombia, Spain


    78 min

    • Spanish


    Carmen has always known she is adopted, so when her adoptive mother dies, she sets out to find her biological mother on a journey to uncover her roots and identity that will help her come to terms with her loss and recover fading memories. Armed with nothing more than a name, the director’s search takes her to a town in the Department of Santander, where her “real” mother leads a life that seems to hold no place for her. The two women approach each other with ambivalence, torn between the desire to open up to one another and the knowledge that prudence is probably their best bet. All contact between them is marred by secrecy, unease and repressed love and conflicting stories and explanations about the past. Dawn is a documentary about what it means to be a mother, what it means to be a daughter, about blood ties, about who we choose to be and the people we choose to share our lives with. It is also about how film can bear witness to individual quests that force us all to ask ourselves those uncomfortable questions


    • Best Film (Colombian Competition) - FICCI



    Carmen Torres
    Carmen  Torres

    Carmen Torres


    Carmen Torres lives in Spain and has worked as a photograpahy director on films like Oleg y las bellas artes (Andrés Duque, 2016), Luján (Andrés Denegri, 2004) and Los rubios (Albertina Carro, 2003). She has also directed television series like the Class (2015) and Meridiano, and co-directed the online documentary series Signified (2011-2013). DAWN marks her debut as a big-screen director. The film was selected at FICCI.