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    Directed by

    Chile, Dominican Republic, Mexico


    80 min

    • Spanish


    Rafael, an old butler of a decadent farmhouse, lives with his landlord in that space. He develops a series of actions and daily routines that resume a life and a glorious family past. These actions and gestures will become the only way of sustaining that home and those lives humbled in memory. With the decline of that environment, Rafael will be underdog of his place and his own story, and will be forced to leave in an uncertain trip, towards the last of his possessions.


    Rafael Vázquez
    Nano Vázquez
    Álvaro Bustamante
    Mauro Herce
    Manolo Muñoz

    Director's Statement

    Ocaso (Decline) is the culmination of a project that originates from the fact of wanting to grasp a bygone era through the actions of a former servant at the last instant of a space. The unoccupied space serves as a framework of fiction, to install that Man and watch those gestures that will gradually turn into a farewell, of a time, of gestures, of his silence and the only possession he has, his memory. In narrative terms I wanted to wager that a crowd and a concatenation –or linking- of everyday actions, were giving this last moment. I did not want to point out or emphasize any event as an argumentative element, as a way to trigger a small outcome; rather, I wanted to trust that these actions, that Man, that environment, that silence, the formal wager, the distance, would not indicate other than the loyalty of a servant excluded in time.

    Théo Court

    Théo Court


    Born in Ibiza in 1980 from Chilean parents, Théo Court lived 16 years in Madrid before moving to the Chilean countryside. In 1999 he studied photography at the School of Professional Photography EFTI, in Madrid. In 2000 he moved back to Chile where he began his film studies at the Universidad Arcis in Santiago de Chile. He attended the International Film and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños, in Cuba from 2002 to 2004. His latest film WHITE ON WHITE (2019) has premiered at the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

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