Defiant Souls

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Defiant Souls (Insumisas)

Directed by Laura Cazador, Fernando Pérez

  • Cuba, Switzerland 2018; 94 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special Jury Prize - Havana FF


In the early 19th century, Swiss doctor Enrique Faber travels to Cuba to search for his son, who is said to have been killed in a slave uprising. The local population is jealous of Faber's success as a surgeon and his marriage to Juana, an attractive outsider. Before long, rumors spread regarding his high-pitched voice and his gentle features, and a drama of epic proportions unfolds around one of the most scandalous cases in Cuban colonial history. DEFIANT SOULS is based on the true story of Enriqueta Faber, a Swiss woman who, disguised as a man, studied medicine and became the first female surgeon in Latin America. At the same time, she campaigned against slavery and incurred the wrath of the colonial establishment. Fernando Pérez, for decades one of the great directors of Latin American cinema, collaborated with young Swiss director Laura Cazador on this political period film. This screening is made possible by a partnership with the Goethe Institute in Havana.




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