Delphine Imprisoned

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    Delphine Imprisoned

    Delphine Aprisionada

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    I can't help but having the feeling that Delphine Seyrig was constantly trapped in her films. Trapped in time, space, memory, routine, to a certain place and many others types of prisons. This experimental/ film essay tries to prove this while at the same time, trapping her once again, perhaps forever, in this film, which can also work as a loop.


    • Kino Sound Studio Prize - Curtas Vila do Conde



    Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães
    Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães

    Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães


    Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães was born in Switzerland, in 1989. He completed all his studies in Portugal, and went to college to study Management. However, he easily understood this didn’t interest him, and his true passion was Cinema. In 2010 he started studying Cinema at the University of Beira Interior, having obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2013, directing his final project 19 27, which he also wrote and edited. He continued his studies at the same University for the master’s degree, again in Cinema. He directed, wrote and edited the project CANTEI A SAUDADE, in 2015.
    Having finished his studies, he did an internship with portuguese director Edgar Pêra, with whom he worked closely for about 2 months. He then went to London, for an internship at Central Film School, which lasted 4 months.
    Early this year, he did a free course/workshop about film-essays and writing about Cinema, at Nova University in Lisbon. The film essay he did in this course was DELPHINE IMPRISONED, which was selected at the 25th Curtas de Vila do Conde Festival, where it won the Best Director award in the competition of school films (Take One!).
    After that, he was 2nd A.D. at the feature film CARGO, by Bruno Gascon. The film will premiere in theatres next year.