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Directed by Kasper Rune Larsen

  • Denmark 2017; 90 min
  • Original version: Danish
  • Genre: Drama


Love often hits us when we least expect it – and when it does, it is not without consequences. This is charmingly demonstrated by the young debut director Kasper Rune Larsen from the Super 8 training programme in the new Danish feature film 'Denmark'. Here, we follow 22-year-old Norge, who lives a careless life as a bachelor in the province. The slacker idyll meets a sudden end when 16-year-old Josephine turns up after a one-night-stand and tells him she's pregnant. Suddenly, they both have to face questions about children and abortion, while they try to control their infatuation and dreams of the future. There is plenty of genuine charm in this streetwise and intimate youth drama about skaters, parties, responsibility and lack of the same – and about becoming a grown-up and seeing reality in the eyes.



    Henrik Underbjerg 

International Sales


    Matthias Angoulvant