Dive: Approach and Exit

Not available for screening anymore

Dive: Approach and Exit

Directed by Sandro Aguilar

  • Portugal 2013; 12 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama


Before the assault, feel the weight of the body.

Director's Statement

Flying, diving, are ways of getting into a space that was forbidden by the nature of our bodies. Maybe that's why it is the matter of many of our dreams, the motor of our ambitions and often the figuration of our anguish. When he dares to go beyond this limit, despite the imminence of a shipwreck, man is rewarded by a kind of rebirth. Eyes clean, he can re-discover a virgin territory, a whole primitive world with its own gravity, new dangers and revelations. Man is born on the border with death as when, approaching death, he intensely experiences the very physical miracle of remaining alive.



    Fabienne Martinot