Djon África

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    Djon África

    Directed by

    Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde


    95 min

    • Portuguese


    New Directors/New FilmsSan Francisco FFFestival Cinematográfico Internacional del UruguayBAFICIOlhar de Cinema IFF

    Miguel – alias Tibars, alias Djon África, born and raised in Portugal – is a kindhearted Rastafarian who loves women and lives a carefree life. If anyone criticises him, he quotes the old Frank Sinatra song: "I do it 'My Way'." Until one day a stranger tells him he's the spitting image of his father, "a player and a crook". His father, whom he never even knew! This intriguing discovery makes him change tack. Particularly when his grandmother, who always took care of him, finally tells him more. About how his father was in prison; how sad Miguel was as a toddler when he couldn't see him; how his father was banished to Cape Verde. Miguel goes there to visit him. Who is this man? Oscillating between playful and melancholy in tone, a capricious odyssey unfolds at a calm pace, with unexpected twists and colourful meetings, drawing Miguel into the city’s nightlife and the solitude of the countryside. Peregrinations that not only show him Cape Verde – including an introduction to the secrets of the national drink, grogue – but also raise questions about his identity, where he belongs and where he is heading.


    • FIPRESCI Award and Honourable Mention - Uruguay IFF


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    Miguel Moreira
    Isabel Cardoso
    Pedro Pinho
    Vasco Viana
    Eduardo Serrano
    Ricardo Pretti


    The film leaves us with questions of identity and nationality.

    Wendy Ide, ScreenDaily

    Vasco Viana shows a great fascination for the local people and landscapes, infusing the film with an undeniable documentary style.

    Vitor Pinto, Cineuropa

    Charming, accessible, atmospheric, a pleasant mood of seductive sensuality.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    João Miller Guerra

    João Miller Guerra


    The idea of working in ​​partnership goes beyond our sharing with one another. The intimacy with the characters is crucial in our films, that's what makes them possible.

    Filipa Reis (1977) and João Miller Guerra (1974) live together in Lisbon, Portugal. They've been directing documentaries and short films that are regulary shown and awarded in festivals worldwide. DJON AFRICA is their first feature film. In 2008 they started their own production company, where they create, develop, produce and direct projects for television with VENDE-SE FILMES brand and film projects under UMA PEDRA NO SAPATO label. They have succeeded in screening the company’s films around the world at major film festivals (Berlinale, IFFR, IDFA, DokLeipzig, FidMarseille, Cinéma du Réel, Hong Kong IFF, among many others), winning a few prizes (Golden Bear in Berlinale Shorts 2016 for Leonor Teles’ documentary BATRACHIAN’S BALLAD).

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