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Arc 1950 Coproduction Village

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Directed by Adrian Sitaru

  • Romania, Germany 2013; 85 min
  • Original version: Romanian
  • Genre: Comedy drama

  • From the director of THE FIXER presented at Arc 1950 Coproduction Village


A story about people who eat the animals that they love and the animals that love people unconditionally. A rabbit, a hen, a cat, a dog and a pigeon come into the protagonists' lives, changing their course.

Director's Statement

I wanted a simple, funny and touching film altogether. Inspired largely from childhood, the film is based on a few stories with domestic animals (and not only), children and parents. These are stories in which, from what I’ve seen, many people, not only in Romania, find themselves. They are universal stories, in which the children, the animals and the adults come to interact accidentally, but the destinies, both of the people and of the animals, are intertwined, influence each other and are irreversibly changed. Let’s look a bit around us: how many people in the parks and on the streets have animals? how many of our neighbors have at least a fish-bowl or a parrot? just look at how much animals are present in our life, from TV commercials, to songs, in family names, stories, films, internet and so on. I think we greatly need animals and they needs us as well and from here I realized just how much we love and literally eat at the same time our animals. I tried to put all this into the film through the eyes of a child for whom life is simple, cruel, mysterious and very funny at the same time, and the adults are the same: good, cruel, without logic but very funny and…I stop here. The rest is in the film.



    Monica Lazurean-Gorgan