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  1. Extra


    Directed by

    United Kingdom


    70 min

    • English

    Documentary, Experimental

    Clovis, a newly created animated antihero, is on the trail of the American actor who was cast as the wiliest of Hanna-Barbera cartoon villains in the late 1960s. Remember the Hooded Claw and Mildew Wolf? Reenactments, expert opinions, personal biography and some musical numbers expose the relationship between villainy and hysterical male laughter, where the voice is used to indicate wickedness, non-acceptance and the crazed symbiosis of character and actor. This film delves deep into hidden Hollywood and the suppression of its queer stories, and ultimately celebrates a tragic talent much-loved across generations.



    Mark McKinney
    Michael Kearns
    Eric Geynes
    John Airlie
    Sophie Scott
    Paul Wells
    Richard Squires

    Richard Squires

    Richard Squires is a London-based visual artist and academic who works predominantly with film, drawing and animation. His work is shown internationally in galleries, broadcast and at film festivals. Recent shows include Familienalbum at Close-Up, London (2016) and Comics Unmasked: Art & Anarchy in the UK at the British Library (2014). DOOZY is his latest feature which has its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.