Double Date

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Double Date

Directed by Benjamin Barfoot

  • United Kingdom 2017; 90 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Drama


Before heading into the maelstrom of festival clubs and parties after watching a movie, take this warning: there might be a couple of young women at the bar with an enticing look who stand out from the crowd. Whatever you do, don’t buy them a drink! Unfortunately for best friends Jim and Alex, they suspect nothing as they fall prey to sisters Kitty and Lulu out of some pigheaded conviction that Jim simply has to lose his virginity before he turns 30 – last chance tonight. The problem is that the two beauties have no intention of being part of anything of the kind. Especially since they have other plans for their virginity and they’re willing to kill for it, romance be damned. At least Kitty, that is. Lulu still has a thing or two to learn, and her date Jim is just so adorably innocent… With their provocative variation on the grueling pubescent guide to picking up girls, the British once again demonstrate that horror demands a good dose of exaggeration. And what better way to raise goosebumps than through a combination of nerve-racking tension and titillation?




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    Chloe Tai