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    For twenty-five years Brenda Myers-Powell called herself 'Breezy' and she dominated her world, or that's what she thought. It was a world that had turned her into a teenage, drug-addicted prostitute. After a violent encounter with a 'john,' Brenda woke up in the hospital and decided to change her life. Today she is a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength for hundreds of women and girls as young as fourteen who want to change their own lives. DREAMCATCHER explores the cycle of neglect, violence and exploitation which each year leaves thousands upon thousands of girls and women feeling that prostitution is their only option to survive. By following the very charming, charismatic and truly empathic Brenda, we enter the lives of young women and see in verite footage their realities from their points of view. While the world may overlook these women and men, thankfully Brenda has not, providing an unflinching expose which contrasts seeming hopelessness against the difference that one person can make in the lives of many.


    • Directing Award - Sundance FF



    Kim Longinotto
    Oliver Huddleston


    Raw, powerful, and downright inspirational.

    Oktay Ege Kozak, Indiewire

    A real-world version of movie-star magnetism.

    Guy Lodge, Variety

    It deserves all the respect and praise.

    Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

    A quietly moving portrait.

    Sean P. Means, The Salt Lake Tribune

    Kim Longinotto

    Kim Longinotto

    United Kingdom

    What's brilliant about making films is that you don't have to be interesting. It's the people you film who are interesting, and you can celebrate them.

    Kim Longinotto (1952) is a British documentary filmmaker, well known for making films that highlight the plight of female victims of oppression or discrimination. She studied English and European literature and later followed friend and future filmmaker, Nick Broomfield to the National Film and Television School. Her first films were set in Japan (EAT THE KIMONO, THE GOOD WIFE OF TOKYO). She is also known for DREAM GIRLS and ROCK WIVES (produced by the BBC and Channel 4), DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE, GAEA GIRLS, THE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET (Sundance FF), SISTERS IN LAW (winner of two awards at Cannes IFF) and SALMA. Her latest film, DREAMCATCHER, got her the Directing Award at Sundance FF. The project AUNTS (in collaboration with Mirjana Karanović, Šejla Kamerić and Andrea Štaka) is taking part in Pitching du Réel 2018.

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