Dreams from the Outback

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Dreams from the Outback (Fortællinger fra skyggelandet)

Directed by Jannik Splidsboel

  • Denmark 2019; 79 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary


The Kimberley in West Australia is home to various Aboriginal communities, where today most is in transition causing limbo and distress. Some have given up; others choose to fight both past and present demons to bring a change for the better to their people.
In DREAMS FROM THE OUTBACK best friends Gabriel and Peter try to keep the ancient cultural traditions alive, with almost no support from the rest of their community. Felicity struggles to keep her family together after years of drinking and neglect and teenagers Billy and Jordan are brothers who meet for the first time. The boys spend the days getting to know each other, exploring the outback and their culture.




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