Not available for screening anymore


Directed by Luca Ferri

  • Italy 2018; 66 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama


A young girl is getting ready to receive a client in her apartment. Following a precise ritual, the man, a Don Quixote plunged into Milan in the 1990s, dedicates himself to cleaning four rooms obsessively. The girl, an embodiment of Dulcinea, eats, reads, varnishes her nails, smokes, dresses and undresses, as if Quixote were not present there, and as if there were no relationship between the two of them. Following a pathological pattern, the client steals some of the girl’s items, placing them in plastic bags, and then in a briefcase. At other times, these fetish objects are destroyed, like victims of manic fits, in a mechanism leading to the repetition of a ritual of celibacy and solitude.



    Luca Ferri