Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

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    Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

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    David Monacchi, a hi-tech explorer, knows the Amazonian forest well, but his means of exploration are unusual. A sound artist, “field recorder”, and eco-acoustic composer, he understands terrain through sound. For the sound landscape of this region is as rich as the diversity of wildlife that produces it. Today, global warming and humans are threatening species, and sound pollution itself is involved in the extinction of some of these; nature being well constructed, the sound spectrum of the forest is based on a subtle balance, in which each species communicates on a very specific frequency, never interfering with the others. The upheaval caused by man, through the installation of a pipeline for example, upsets this balance.



    Alessandro d'Emilia
    Nika Šaravanja
    Otis Buri
    Alessandro D'Emilia

    Alessandro D'Emilia


    Alessandro was born in Rome in 1988. Life took him to live elsewhere, mainly in Misurina, Dolomites. He became soon passionate in various sports activities as skiing, climbing, high-lining. Practicing these activities he developed a strong interest in the audiovisual sector, in particular remain fascinated by the mysteries of nature and the unexplored places. He is currently studying at the Zelig school for documentary.

    Nika Saravanja

    Nika Saravanja


    Nika Šaravanja is a Croatian documentary filmmaker and visual artist. After studies on the Zagreb School of Economy and Management, she spent many years traveling, doing social work and collaborating and exhibiting with various artist and NGO’s. She was the owner and curator of Etikart galley in Rovinj and she has also worked as a yoga and snowboarding teacher for many years. She graduated on the Zelig school for documentary and new media in directing class in 2016. Her work consists of mainly social impact & environmental oriented documentaries. The award winning film DUSK CHORUS- BASED ON FRAGMENTS OF EXTINCTION (2016) which is currently travelling on numerous film festivals around the globe, was her first feature documentary. She is currently living in Vienna and working on her second feature film.