Dyke Hard

Not available for screening anymore

Dyke Hard

Directed by Bitte Andersson

  • Sweden 2014; 94 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Comedy
    • Mix Copenhagen - Audience Award


After scoring a huge hit with their first single, hip lesbian band Dyke Hard fall into the creative doldrums. When their front woman leaves it looks like curtains for the rest of the band, but then the girls hear of a battle of the bands in the big city in three days' time and decide to participate and give their maudlin career a kick-start. A road trip adventure full of danger, intrigue and all sorts of obstacles ensues. The women find themselves in a haunted house and soon after wind up unjustly accused on death row until a gay prison warder helps them escape. They find brief respite at the home of a sweet old lady with a hidden agenda who almost makes them forget where they are going. But their luck turns again and, following a battle with cyborgs and ninjas they finally manage to make it to the competition, just in time. ‘Trash as trash can!’ is the ambitious motto of this camp and zany sexploitation-horror-trash-musical guaranteed to be lacking in anything resembling good taste. Told at breakneck speed, this is a tongue-in-cheek, perverse, polymorphic ride that has the potential to vie with cult offerings by the likes of John Waters and Russ Meyer, or the Austin Powers series.

Director's Statement

The first version of DYKE HARD was a two minute trailer we made as the first in a series of fake trailers for movies we wanted to see, a sort of “wish list” to the film industry. Martin Borell (Visual Effects), Alexi Carpentieri (Director of Photography) and myself had already worked together on a locally broadcasted amateur TV-show called HallonTV. It was produced in a feminist/LGBT bookstore where Martin and Alexi were customers and I was the shop keeper with my employee Ina Wood who became the director for our TV show. The world she created for HallonTV became our mutual creative playground. Inspired by this, Martin, Alexi and I decided to make DYKE HARD, a trailer for a queer feminist martial arts movie we wished existed. Apparently we weren't the only ones who longed for such a film, because the trailer was a big success and we kept being asked when the film would be out. Having spent a whole year's spare time on making a two minute trailer, and with such demand for the film itself, we decided to make Dyke Hard the movie instead of going on to make the rest of our fake trailers. We put all the other trailer ideas together into one feature length film, now featuring all our favourite genres.

We felt that current genre film was generally lacking empowering female and queer characters and that queer film was generally lacking action and fun, so we wanted to take the best of both worlds and create something we felt was missing. We are deeply inspired by queer genre film forerunners such as John Waters' DESPERATE LIVING, Lizzie Borden's BORN IN FLAMES and THE ADVENTURES OF IRON PUSSY by Apichatpong Weerasethakul just to name a few. We started with listing all our favorite genre film clichés and all the charismatic people we knew that might act for free (as we initially had no budget), and played around with these ingredients on a timeline until we got a story that sort of made sense. Later, our mastermind villain actor Josephine Krieg, helped us develop the story to also challenge the usual film trope representations of “good” and “evil” and create more complex characters. She also rewrote most of Moira's and Scotty's dialogue and filled it with puns and subtle jokes that were out of our linguistic league, since we weren’t writing in our first language.

DYKE HARD has grown from a no-budget fake trailer to a real movie thanks to the Stockholm queer community that’s donated work, time and money from the stumbling start. On our way we got support from around the world when we went to Kickstarter to help finish shooting the film. And half way through we were discovered by our production company Filmlance, who, with support from The Swedish Film Institute, helped us finalize the film and made it look like a professional B-movie (ha ha). The journey to this point took 4 years and 400 people, but our wish came true. We are very proud to present, Dyke Hard.




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