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    In Ebba, Johanna delves once again into feminine desire and social domination. The eponymous character is an 18-year-old young woman who tries to make ends meet as a cleaning woman in the see-front offices in Oslo. A lonely daydreamer, Ebba lives in the basement of a upper-class family’s house whose keys she keeps while they are away for their summer holiday. One evening she comes across a distressed, wounded man on the pier. He seems to have lost his memory. Ebba finds his papers and discovers he’s Bulgarian. Unsettled by his beauty, she decides to give him shelter and make him believe he’s her boyfriend. How far will Ebba go with her social, emotional and sexual desire?
    At its very core, Johanna wants this film to be a complex, dark and exciting portrayal of feminine desire. A precise and subversive account of deceit, turning domination on its head.

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    Johanna Pyykkö

    Johanna Pyykkö


    Johanna is a Finnish-Swedish national living in Oslo, Norway. She was Joachim Trier’s assistant on Thelma and took part in the writing of the popular series Heimebane. With THE MANILA LOVER screened during the 58 th edition of La Semaine de la Critique, Johanna takes a sharp and sensuous look at domination and desire at play in the love story between a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman.

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