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  1. Extra



    Directed by

    Turkey, Germany


    97 min

    • Turkish


    Marba and Aras are a husband and wife who had to leave their homeland because of conflicts. They cross deserts and mountains on foot, almost starving, hoping to be able to start a new life somewhere. When their endurance is at an end, they see a house in the middle of nowhere. The door is answered by two brothers with guns. Aras is a very beautiful woman, so the couple decide to present themselves as siblings. It seems that once they get involved in the brothers’ dark secret, they’ll have to stay there for some time…



    Funda Eryigit
    Onur Ünsal
    Cemalettin Çekmece
    Caner Erdem
    Sermet Yesil
    Onur Orhan
    Baris Aygen
    Ali Aga
    Ugur Ates
    Barış Atay

    Barış Atay


    Barış Atay, born 1981 in Germany and raised in Antakya, began his studies in biology in Adana in 1999 before deciding to switch to acting at Yeditepe University in Istanbul. In 2011, he completed his MA in film and television at Kadir Has University in Istanbul. His roles in multiple successful television series garnered him attention in the early years of his acting career. He then appeared in numerous plays and feature films. In 2014, he founded the production company Barikat Film to produce his directorial debut, a feature film titled LACK, in which he also plays the lead role.
    Atay was detained after the Gezi protests in 2013, interrogated for three days, and ordered to pay a fine for insulting the president. Despite repeated arrests and public harassment, such as the release of his home address on social media, Atay continues to perform ONLY A DICTATOR, which he developed together with Onur Orhan (author) and Caner Erdem (director) in 2015. After the work was banned in January 2018 in various parts of Turkey, the activists published the play on the Internet and have performed it in several theatres throughout the country as a staged reading.
    His film EDEN (2018) was presented at Istanbul IFF.