El movimiento
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    El movimiento

    Directed by

    Argentina, South Korea


    67 min

    • Spanish


    EL MOVIMIENTO takes place during the first half of the Nineteenth Century, in a vast and desolated land which has fallen into anarchy. Several groups of armed men drift along the endless Pampas demanding support and food from the peasants. While there’s great rivalry among these groups, they all claim allegiance to the Movement, the name of the political organization they say they represent. Among these drifting gangs, there’s one led by Señor, an educated man who, together with two followers, intends to found a peaceful new order. While his enchanting words and manners seem appealing to the people, his methods reveal an unstoppable thirst for power.


    • Special Jury Prize - FIC Valdivia



    Pablo Cedrón
    Marcelo Pompei
    Francisco Lumerman
    Céline Latil
    Benjamín Naishtat
    Yarara Rodriguez
    Andres Quaranta
    Pedro Irusta

    Director's Statement

    EL MOVIMIENTO intends to deal with power. As individuals, we are born into this world and we find it already organized, all things and places have names and owners, all elements around us belong to a certain order. But that order, whatever it is, is not random or natural, I would say. It all started at some point.

    Coming from a Nation that is as young as 205 years old, I felt that diving into particularly dark periods of our foundation could help me understand the current situation and the prevailing violent idiosyncrasy of our everyday politics. Rather than creating a strictly historical plot, I went to the past only to put together certain characters whose motivations are absolutely contemporary because after all, as Faulkner says, the past is never dead. It’s not even past.



    It confirms the director of History of Fear as one of the most talented and genuine current directors.

    Diego Batlle, Otros Cines

    Benjamín Naishtat

    Benjamín Naishtat


    I was given an 8mm camera at age 11, and I would make shorts with friends from school, crazy horror or action films or very bad animations.

    Benjamin Naishtat was born in Buenos Aires in 1986, where he lives and works. He conducted grade studies at Universidad del Cine (Argentina) in Buenos Aires, followed by a two year contemporary arts program in Le Fresnoy (France). He has done both fiction shortfilms such as THE GAME (which premiered at Cannes Cinéfondation in 2010 and won Best Short at Bafici) and experimental works such as HISTORY OF EVIL (which played in Rotterdam in 2011 and went on to a circuit of galleries and art shows). His debut feature HISTORY OF FEAR (2014) opened at Berlinale´s Official Competition and won main awards at Jeonju, San Francisco and Wroclaw New Horizons. It also played in over 40 international festivals including New Director’s New Films, Indie Lisboa, London BFI, Rio IFF, Karlovy Vary and Tolouse. It had a theatrical release in six countries. EL MOVIMIENTO, his second feature, screened at the Locarno Film Festival in 2015. His latest project PUAN was selected at the Berlinale Coproduction Market 2021.

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