Encounters with Landscape (3x)

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    Encounters with Landscape (3x)

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    29 min

    • Portuguese

    Experimental, Short

    In 2011 I arrived to Sete Cidades. I recall Kant’s ideas on the sublime. He argues that the sublime is the comprehension of the body, before the mathematic measure there is the aesthetic measure (measured by the body). The sublime takes place when the human measure is overcome. i.e. when the body experiments the idea of being bitten by an imaginary mountain. To experience the sublime: sensibility, a body, being human, being finite are necessary.


    Frederico Lobo
    Luísa Homem
    Salomé Lamas
    Salomé Lamas

    Salomé Lamas


    I'm attracted by a series of things related to the ends of the earth, exiled places, margins.

    Salomé Lamas (1987, Lisbon, Portugal) studied Cinema in Lisbon and Prague, MFA in fine arts in Amsterdam, and is a Ph.D candidate in film studies in Coimbra. She has been working with time-based image and has exhibit both in art spaces and film festivals. After a couple of awarded short films, her debut film NO MAN’S LAND (2012) swept most of the domestic awards at Doc Lisboa, had its international premiere at Berlinale Forum and was later presented at MoMA Documentary Fortnight. After several shorts, including VHS - VIDEO HOME SYSTEM (2012), ENCOUNTERS WITH THE LANDSCAPE (2012) and THEATRUM, ORBIS TERRARUM (2013), her feature-length ELDORADO XXI (2016) was selected at the Berlinale Forum. Her recent essay film EXTINCTION was selected at CPH:DOX 2018.

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