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Erased (Izbrisana)

Directed by Miha Mazzini

  • Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia 2018; 86 min
  • Original version: Slovenian
  • Genre: Drama


Ana gives birth at the local hospital and everything goes well. There is only a small problem with the paperwork – her file is not on the computer. A temporary loss of data seems to be caused by a software glitch, nothing to worry about.

Within a few days, Ana is entangled in a web of bureaucracy of Kafkaesque proportions: not being in the computer means no social security, no permanent address and no baby. She is brutally forced to leave a newborn girl alone at the hospital without any right to visit her until everything is sorted out. All of a sudden Ana is a foreigner, even though she has lived in Slovenia all of her life. Legally, she doesn’t exist. So, her child is an orphan. And orphans are put up for adoption.




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