Erased, ___ Ascent of the Invisible

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Erased, ___ Ascent of the Invisible (Tirss, Rihlat al Sou’oud ila al Mar’ii)

Directed by Ghassan Halwani

  • Lebanon 2018; 74 min
  • Original version: Arabic, English
  • Genre: Documentary
    • First Feature, Special Mention - Locarno Festival
    • Best Documentary - CineMed Montpellier IFF


2014 on a wall in the city of Beirut are spread layers over layers of hundreds of torn posters. Selling lines and ripped images jump to the eye: apartments, pastries, concerts, loans, restaurants, plumbing, religious tours for the faithful… anything! Suddenly, in the middle of this rubble, a glimpse: the partial picture of a face. Only a moustache, the trace of a shy smile, a chin, and part of an ear. Also noticeable in the photo, the fragments of a black leather jacket. A vagabond with a pencil sets to heal the rest of the face, restoring its missing traits.



    Irit Neidhardt