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Holland Film Meeting, CineMart
Erwin Olaf's Showreel

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Erwin Olaf's Showreel

Directed by Erwin Olaf

  • Netherlands 2017; 35 min
  • Genre: Short

  • From the director of A SHINING FLAW presented at Holland Film Meeting
    From the director of A SHINING FLAW presented at CineMart

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Compilation of Erwin Olaf's previous works SEPARATION (2003), RAIN (2004), ROUGE (2005), WET(2005), LE DERNIER CRI (2006), DUSK (2009) and LA TRISTESSE RICHE (2010).

In his earlier work on the subject of social exclusion Olaf was deliberately disturbing with the intention of raising awareness and he was dedicated towards exploring issues of class, race, sexual taste, beliefs, habits and grace. In the series RAIN (2004), HOPE (2005), GRIEF (2007) and FALL (2008) Olaf challenges the notion of domestic bliss.

DUSK (2009) and DAWN (2010) show how culture can become repression, despite a beautiful appearance. A similar disengagement takes place in Olaf's HOTEL (2010) series in which he explores the subtle range of detached melancholic emotions in dimly-lit exquisitely furnished timeless hotel rooms.

In the series THE SIEGE AND RELIEF OF LEIDEN (2011) Olaf depicts a number of now iconic scenes from the relief and brings the leading figures together in a dramatic setting. His recent series KEYHOLE (2011/2012) balances on the thin line between intimacy, shame and feelings of guilt.

In 2012 Erwin Olaf created series Berlin, entirely shot on location. Using historically important settings in Berlin, Erwin Olaf shows children and (young) adults in a transcendent relation with each other.

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